Simple steps to weight loss and overall good health.

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Natural Weight Loss

Steps To Easy Natural Weight Loss

Wecome to my Weight loss page.  This page I will share little secrets to easy weight loss.  Losing weight is so stressful.  When we do loose a few pounds and start feeling good we tend to gain it right back and start feeling bad again.  Back to square one.  Its just a stressful rollercoaster. 

We don't have to starve ourself after all.  Just eliminate and change certain things in our daily lifestyle, including our diet and  add a few things to our lifestyle and diet. It is easier than you think.

10 Steps To Easy Weight Loss

First Step is Cleans your body and colon of toxins and fats.  Use natural fibers found  in food and herbs or you can use acupressure to flush out the toxins. One way to tell if your have flushed out the toxins is kind of gross but so true.  If you have skinny poop Yell this means your colon is clogged up with toxins and fats. This effects all organs including your thyroid which controls your whole metabolism. You should have big fat healthy poop and should go two or three times a day.  At least two times a day. If not fat, toxins and everything build up in the body.

Second Step get rid of all cooking oil and buy extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.  Cook everything in it. Take 2-4 Tablespoons before bed every night and get up in the morning and drink hot coffee or tea and let loose (big poop!Yell). See Food for self healing  Page   to see all the benefits of olive oil.  It helps flush out fat and toxins. A new study on Coconut oil recently showed that it was better and more beneficial than olive because olive cooked to a certain temperature looses some nutritional value.

Third Step replace all salt  with sea salt.  Found in any health food store. Some grocery store carry it.   This supplies the thyroid with natural organic Iodine something very important for the function of the thyroid. Sea salt has many health benefits.  It also will help with blood pressure and swelling in the body.  You get use to the change in salt taste after about a week or so and you will never go back. Throw away real salt.

Fourth Step is eliminate Pork from the diet completely.  Maybe treat yourself once in a great while.  Pork is full of toxins.  We are not meant to eat pork. To see why we don't eat it see.  See Food for healing to see why we don't eat pork.  This is very important for successful weight loss. Eliminate corn, peanuts, wheat products, and mushrooms completely because they are full of microtoxins! 

 Most  bread is made with Wheat that produces  mold during the processing time.  Mold and yeast make the body swell. That includes Pasta! Antibiotics also have these Toxins!

Fifth Step is to cut back on red meat and try to buy organic meat.  Because of the growth hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics which destroy our own hormones and immune systems. Walmart or Publics now sell organic meats and vegetables or any health food store. Almonds are a great source of protein and great for burning fat.  Just snack anytime the more the better.

Sixth Step take an organic multi-mineral and vitamin supplements. Fake sythetic vitamins make you want to eat more therefore gain weight.  Go to the Health food store and make sure they are made from a natural food source. Go to  If you need help finding a good vitamin please contact me at any time at   Or call Tina at (941)792-5206 An organic vitamin and mineral supplement will make you not crave certain foods and get fuller faster.  If your body has all the necessary required nutrients you don't want as much to eat, your body is satisfied. Have you ever heard the phrase "healthy as a horse"? A horse don't eat meat.  A horse can live on alfalfa this is the "father of all foods" it has all the nutrients needed. 

Calcium is the biggest thing and the most important nutrient needed for the body.  Soda or any other carbonated drinks will leach calcium off the bones and teeth to compensate the rest of the body.  See Vitamin and Mineral Page to see the benefits of Calcium 

Seventh Step drink tea hot or cold, it is loaded with antioxidants which helps flush out toxins and fats. Sodas even diet sodas are the worst thing to drink.  Some fake sweetners are proven to be damaging to the body.  They also suck the nutrients right out of the body and also make the body swell.    Remember the proper nutrient are the key to sucessful weight loss and over all good health. The next time you stop by the store for something to drink, reach for an ice tea instead or a flavored water instead.  There are many different kinds to choose from. Once you require the taste you will love it.


Eighth Step use acupressure to flush out toxins and fat deposits.  Use these points to strengthen the thyroid and flush out toxins. Push these points as often as you think about them.  See Accupressure page to understand  how it works and to see what points to use. Ninth Step Drink as much water as possible to help flush all the toxins out, especially after exercise and accupressure. Spring water is the best and safest water to drink.  It doesn't have and chemicals or Chlorine which is full of toxins.

Tenth Step is of course physical exercise.  Just remember that your metabolism is slower in the morning when you wake up which is the best time to exercise or workout.  Just take the dog for a walk or take a short bike ride.


Important info for the thyroid

The glandular system is very complex.  But every single gland in the body has a certain purpose.  They all work together.   One gland might be causing the other stress. Maybe you are lacking certain nutrition or  Bacteria, toxin or parasites will also weaken glandular organs.  Thyroid is the major back up for the heart.  It helps regulate; sends a natural pacemaker to the heart.  It controls fluid on heart and the body and  controls bodys  metabolism.  As we get older our thyroid starts to slow down if it does not have the right amount of nutrition.   People start to put on weight, it s called the  middle age spread!   Some gain more weight than others. Thyroid helps control bodys temperature ( natural thermastat) Do you have Hotflashes? What about mood swings?  PMS?   WELL GUESS WHAT THE THYROID AND PITUATARY GLAND  HELP CONTROLS MOST HORMONAL PROBLEMS!!  The thyroid also works as a battery charger for  the brain.  If there is hair loss, memory loss or having trouble concentrating.  Attention deficent dissorder is now associated  for a low thyroid.   Adrenal glands is the second back up.  These are essential for bodies regulation of sodium and potassium, controls pulse rate.   The pituitary gland (master gland)  produces hormones and stimulates the thyroid and adrenals.   Pituitary also  controls growth in the body (anything growing the body,even tumors or cysts).  Growth hormones affect all tissue.   Regulates the amounts of nutrients taken into cells.  Tumor or cysts are good examples.   So are dwarfism and giantism.   Nature Sunshine sell a great thyroid herbal combination called thryoid activator just go to that website at