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Migraines Headaches

Migraine and Tention Headaches

Migraines can be triggered by Certain foods and additives. They could also be
triggered by  hormones, stress, and chemicals, such as air pollutants, chlorine,
pesticides, mold (microtoxin) and ingredients in cleaning products.  What
ever may be the cause we need to clean all these out of our system! Sometime
Headaches can come from your neck and spine being out of alignment.

 Find a goodchiropractor or massage therapist.   Get aligned! Most of the

time you get fast relieve.  It will help blood and nutrient flow, toxins to be

flushes out and will help release natural pain reliever!  


*Garlic  *Onions  *Tomatoes  *Pork  *Limit Red Meat (uric acid)*Packaged Meat

Contains MSG-Monosodium glutamate and  food additive (enhances flavor) and

Sodium nitrite-(a preservative) this includes Hot dogs, Lunchmeat, bacon,

sausage, etc.*Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame)*Limit canned soda (never drink diet!)

Peanuts, Wheat, (bread and pasta) Mushrooms,

Corn, High Futose Corn syrup will damage body!  

For more info on Food Healing please visit  http://www.mynaturalway.com/blank_6.html


Bonemeal Calcium 


ProbioticsOmega-3’s-Fish, eggs, nuts, grass fed meat, etc.  


Chinese Remedies using Acupressure

Acupuncture has been reported to be beneficial in the treatment of individual cases of migraine and chronic headache.  
Chinese acupuncture and acupressure has been used for centuries and still is today. 
Acupucture is used 
with tiny needles placed on the pressure points. Acupressure is used by pushing on the point until pain
goes away or you feel a heartbeat.  Both techniques work well. I prefer acupressure. The only difference
is the price.  Acupuncture is pretty pricey! Acupressure is free when you can do it to your self in the privacy
of your own home.  Both techniques strengthen and heal organs.  It opens blood flow the what ever ails you. 
To get blood and nutrient flowing thru the organs and cleans the toxins from the body. 
By targeting specific pressure
point in the body releases opioid chemicals in the brain which increases the production 
of endorphins, hormone-like
pain relievers your body makes in response to injury.  The Chinese believe these pressure 
points unblock the flow of
vital energy (pathways)or qi letting the oxygen and nutrients flow thru the meridians.  Meridians
that flow through a
body are like rivers of energy.  When the river is blocked, the body gets sick or doesn't function properly.
When you stimulate this energy flow, the body is able to have better homeostasis.



TW-5    On forearm, three fingers width above the wrist crease, between the two bones.


LI-4     Webbing between thumb and index finger, highest point of muscle.

LV-3    Top of foot in valley between big and second toe.  Apply pressure with thumb or right heal for one minute.  Repeat other foot many times. 


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